Making Changes: Two Lists

A few days ago, I wrote about My Ideal Me.  It’s what I picture my life looking like, if everything was perfect.  In that post, I listed quite a few of my ideals, some of which I’m already doing, some of which I’m not.  Today I’m going to post a list of changes that I can make, in my current situation.  I’ll also post some changes that will take a bit more time and resources that I don’t have, yet
Changes that are currently possible:
·                     Grow a garden (at least in containers, for now)
·                     Learn to ferment foods
·                     Learn to can/preserve foods
·                     Bake bread weekly, including hamburger buns
·                     Make homemade goodies, like cookies and muffins
·                     Make our own condiments, like ketchup and mayo
·                     Have a stocked and organized pantry
·                     (Re)learn to knit
·                     Post on my blog regularly
·                     Learn woodworking
·                     Have a clean house
·                     Have a clutter-free house
·                     Make sure all bills are paid on time and filed in an organized way
·                     File all important receipts
·                     Do laundry daily – washed, dried, folded and put away
·                     Replace paper napkins with cloth napkins
·                     Replace paper towels with cloth towels, as much as possible
Changes that will take time, money and other resources
·                     Live in a house that we design and build on 5-10 acres, with the guest house, cute barn and unattached garage
·                     Have farm animals, such as cows, goats, chickens, pigs, and horses
·                     Build an amazing play area for the kids with the play equipment and playhouse, sandbox and even the pool
·                     Have a built-in fire pit and outdoor/summer kitchen
·                     A fridge filled with raw milk, cream, and handcrafted cheeses
·                     Solar and wind power, as well as the wood cook stove
Looking at the two lists, it is apparent that the list of possible changes is about twice as long as the changes that will take some time.  And, you know, after looking at the two lists together, the first list are things that I can do, and the second list is more about things.  Some of what I included in the Ideal Me post are things that I’m already doing, like making most meals from scratch.  And that is a very short list. 
My plan is to start tackling that first list, one or two at a time.  I’ll keep you updated on my progress, which will help me cross “Post to my blog regularly” off the list. 


  1. Beth Flom says

    Most excellent ideas. We do most of the first list, like bake bread. I have not purchased bread for at least a year. Likewise for goodies. I would be glad to share recipes if you like. LOL Thank goodness i dont have to do laundry every day, but with little kids it can be a necessity. The one that i dont do is post regularly, and i would like to do that. We have lots of little plants started in the greenhouse, and a new garden plan for the back yard, getting it closer to the kitchen so it is handier to take care of and much closer when i want some herbs or something for a meal. You go girl! And congrats on the new little one. Excited for you. Beth

  2. says

    Thanks, Beth! I read your posts on Facebook about life on the farm and I think it’s great. Baking bread is one of the first goals I’m going to tackle, and I’m looking for a good soaked flour recipe, like sourdough or something. Do you have one? When a loaf of good bread is over $5, it’s time to do something about it.

    And, we’re really excited about the new little guy, too! Thanks! Now the long wait until the end of summer when he gets here. :)

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